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On this page you can see what tasks are planned to improve FormEngine. As well as tasks that may be done, but are not yet planned.

The FormEngine team constantly makes sure that NPM packages are updated and do not contain vulnerable dependencies. The team tries to update vulnerable packages as quickly as possible if patches are available for those packages.

feature request

If you want to add a feature to our roadmap - please open an issue in our GitHub repository.

Integration with CamundaDone
Hand-drawn signature componentDone
Support for properties of type "object"In progress
Component working with data arrays (repeater)In progress
Table componentPlanned
Integrations with other popular component libraries (MUI, Tailwind)Planned
Wizard componentPlanned
QR-code componentPlanned
React 19 supportPlanned
Camera componentAnalysis
Support Server-Side RenderingAnalysis
Export form to PDFAnalysis
Support React NativeAnalysis