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Form Builder

Form Builder is a React library for creating web forms with a simple but powerful web interface.

Key features of Form Builder

  1. Web interface with drag and drop functionality.
  2. Adaptive layout.
  3. Built-in form validation or optional external validation.
  4. Built-in web components based on React Suite library.
  5. Easy integration of custom components.
  6. Export form to JSON and import form from JSON.
  7. Powerful internationalization.
  8. Custom actions.
  9. Computable properties.
  10. Templates (forms within a form).
  11. Camunda FormBuilder.
  12. Designer customization.


The basic idea behind the Form Builder is simple - an online form is a number of components organized in a tree structure.

Each component has a set of properties:

  1. Different CSS styles for different screen resolutions.
  2. Simple properties (string, boolean, number, etc.).
  3. Events (onClick, onSelect, onClose, etc.).
  4. Actions are simply functions that are called when some event occurs.
  5. A set of rules for validating the value of a component.

Some component properties can be calculated using a JavaScript function or translated using the Fluent localization system.

Form Builder allows you to declaratively describe such components and then use them to create forms in the form designer.